Consulting Services

Event Emergency Medical Services

EMR can provide consultation regarding personnel, equipment, and supplies for mass gatherings such as sports gatherings, concerts, or public meetings. Large public gatherings or sporting events require expertise in logistics, supply, and personnel management. EMR provides medical direction for many such events, including College sports, the Mid-South Fair, Concerts, and celebrations. We can help you produce a safer event, and assist in the education and training of your personnel.

Disaster Management and Planning

EMR provides consultation regarding disaster management and planning, including equipment, training, and protocols to prepare you for the unforeseen. Emergency Medical Resources has been implemental in the development of disaster response plans for the Memphis and Shelby County area. The unique threats of terrorism, including biological, chemical, or nuclear, require specialized preparation and planning. We staff highly trained professionals proficient in the areas of Disaster Management, Hazardous Material Management, Threat Management, and Medical Response.

EMS Consulting and Education

Consultation is available regarding startup, replacement, or upgrading of your emergency medical service, including fire, hazardous materials, and unique situations.

Urban Search and Rescue

Special knowledge and expertise regarding search and rescue, confined space medicine, and crush syndrome can be applied to your specific needs. Emergency Medical Resources currently provides Medical Direction and Control for Tennessee’s Urban Search and Rescue TASK FORCE ONE.

Specialty EMS Services

EMR can provide Emergency Medical services consulting to specialty needs such as movie and film production, including location work and hazardous circumstances or stunts. Emergency Medical Resources specializes in meeting the needs of the entertainment industry. Emergency Services for movie production, large gatherings, and special events are available. Our work includes “The Firm”, “The People vs. Larry Flynt”, MidSouth Fair, LibertyLand Amusement Park, and Concerts and Ballgames at The Pyramid and Mid-South Coliseum. We have the personnel needed to cover your event, or to simply help you organize the event yourself.

Motorsports EMS

EMR specializes in supporting EMS at Motorsports events, including on-track vehicle rescue and fire services. Our consulting services in the highly specialized environment of motorsports includes providing care for NASCAR Busch Grand National Series, SCCA Pro Racing, SCCA Club Racing, IMSA, NHRA, as well as Porsche Club, BMW Car Club of America, and high performance driving schools. Our expertise in crash, fire, rescue, and emergency medical services specifically related to the motorsports industry is supplemented with providers who are experienced racers themselves.

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